For any story to be relevant you need the history. Especially this story. It is about a small family picking up their world and moving it 2300 miles. The reasons are numerous and there are risks. But let’s see how we got here.

In 2003 Tom moved to St. Thomas where Andrea had been living for a few years.  He had high hopes of being part of a ‘happening’ marina and bar, part of a radio station and building web sites.  Very little of that happened as planned.  Andrea was a wine and spirit expert.  They met online and started a relationship in 2004.  By May of 2005 they moved back to Tom’s home of Austin, Texas.

2006 – Tom and Andrea get married in an odd but beautiful wedding. Life moved on.

2008 – Amelia, their first child, was born.  It was 55 hours of labor for Andrea ending in a trip to the hospital but a natural birth.  The adventure only begun that day.

2008-2010 – Amelia is a healthy child with the generic condition of colic which can mean anything from gas to indigestion to painful acid reflux.  They spend the first year or so of Amelia’s life trying to decipher her 3-5 hour long crying jags, living on very little sleep, and commuting an hour home from work with Amelia in the back seat.

April 2010 – Andrea and Tom make the decision to move into town and take advantage of the tax rebate.  Unfortunately their old house doesn’t sell as expected.

October 2010 – Andrea and Tom find out they are pregnant.  The news buoys both of them up from the fact that their old house hasn’t sold.  The future is bright with the prospect of a sibling for Amelia.  Now that they are in town maybe all will be good.

December 2010 – Just before the holiday season Andrea has a miscarriage.  It isn’t easy for anyone.  Tom’s spirits flag, Andrea is concerned she did something wrong. Luckily the Christmas holidays boost their spirits.

January 2011 – After 6 months on the market for sale, Andrea and Tom offer the old house for rent.  Luckily just before the year ends they find a tenant and the lease is signed at the beginning of 2011.  Tom has a new job downtown and Andrea is working from home 3 days of the week, driving to Temple (1 hour one-way) 2 days a week.  It isn’t ideal but all is relatively good.

March 2010 – Tom’s new job is not as great an opportunity as he had thought.  He’s miserable and is looking for any way out.  He even contacts his old office to see if they’ll have him back.  Unfortunately their business hasn’t picked up enough to warrant an added employee.  Tom is stuck in his job, hates it, but there is no where to go.

April 2011 – Out of nowhere Andrea gets an offer to work for WordPress/Automattic.  Tom is jealous but encourages Andrea to pursue  the opportunity.  As fate has it, she gets the job.  This means she can work anywhere with internet access.

Easter Weekend 2011 – They host Andrea’s father and partner for easter. A grand time is had by all but Andrea is unusually tired.  Very tired.  Tom encourages her to take a pregnancy test.  As soon as the family leaves Andrea’s test is positive.  They are pregnant again.  Great news but memories of the first months of Amelia’s life has them thinking about support.  And Portland.

By May of 2011 they have made the decision to move.  It will be a hard move.  Tom’s family is in Texas.  They have two houses they have mortgages on.  The job prospects are uncertain for Tom.  But given his experience with his current employer he won’t mind a change.  After discussing with Portland, Oregon family the decision is made.  To make the move after Wigglet 2.0 is born would be difficult.  Ideally they need to move in enough time to get the new house in order before the little one arrives.  After discussing logistics they start notifying friends and family.  There’s lots to do, hard good-byes to be said, and a trailer to finish.

This is their journey and the trials and tribulations of moving from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon.

Written on May 6th, 2011 , History, moving

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