Intended today to be easy but there was plenty to do. After the road test last night I brought the trailer home so I could have it weighed before the trip. So I thought it would be a good idea to take it up to Amelia’s school. I had no idea how excited she would be to see it this morning when we left for school. She did a little happy dance and said, “Daddy, it is beautiful!” Which will probably be the absolute bestest compliment I’ll ever get. She climbed inside like a pro and got up into her future sleeping area with wide eyes and a big smile. Best part of the day.

Pulled the trailer through rush hour traffic without incident and got to the scales. Folks running the scales were confused why I wanted the weight but did it anyway. When I pulled around to get the ticket there were a few guys around the docks eyeing it.
One asked,”Is that for grey hounds?” “No, I’m going to camp in it,” I said.
His buddy piped up, “I saw a show on the travel channel or national geographic about those! Where did you buy it?”
“I built everything but that axle and the windows!” I replied, my chest inflating. I’m amazed at how proud I am of this little trailer.

I headed off to get the weight ticket and walked inside. An older man with long, grey hair and a beard asked me, “What are you weighing it for? A title?”
“No I just want to see what it weighs.”
“Well let me take a look at it,” he says as we walk outside.
“I’m not going to charge you for it if you aren’t needing the slip but they wouldn’t understand that,” he says as we step outside. “That’s cherry man! Did you make it”
“Yep, with help from a friend on the cabinetry and skin,” I reply.
“I saw one the other day made out of a VW. Kitchen where the engine was.”
“I’m pretty proud of it. Still needs a little work. But I’m towing it to Oregon next Tuesday so I gotta get it finished up.”

He goes on to tell me he looked at renting one but they go for $60/day. I tell him he should build one, but not use tubing. He’s genuinely impressed and I think it made his day. As he walks off he tells me to make sure there are chains on it and says, “Keep Austin weird man!” I’ll do my best. Damn I’m going to miss this town.


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